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Our Work

Firekeeping Services

The Firekeeping service is a ceremonial offering that emphasizes the traditional role of fire in cultural practices. It involves maintaining a sacred fire, symbolizing guidance and purification, and serves as a central element in gatherings and ceremonies, fostering a connection to cultural roots and community spirit.


Holiday Dinner 

Strong Native Minds' Holiday Dinner program provides not only a nourishing meal to families in need and those seeking community among Urban Natives but also fosters a sense of unity and tradition. Alongside the meal, the program gifts children and elders with presents, reinforcing the spirit of giving and cultural connection during the festive season.

SNM Holiday Dinner 2022-162 small.jpg

Elder Lawn Care & Junk Removal

At Strong Native Minds, we are dedicated to supporting the well-being and dignity of Tribal Elders in Milwaukee County. Our new initiative, the Lawn Care & Junk Removal Program, is specially designed for Tribal Elders over 50 years old residing in Milwaukee County. This program assists our Elders in maintaining safe, clean, and accessible living environments, enhancing their quality of life while strengthening community bonds.


Beading & Cultural Arts Program 

The Beading Circle and Cultural Art program is a creative and educational initiative designed to foster cultural understanding and artistic skills. Participants engage in beading, a traditional art form, to connect with cultural heritage and express themselves artistically. The program serves as a space for learning, sharing, and preserving the rich artistic traditions of the community.


Mens Gathering Circle 

The Men's Talking/Gathering Circle at Strong Native Minds is a dedicated space for men to come together, share experiences, and support each other in a culturally respectful environment. This program emphasizes open dialogue, mutual respect, and community building, fostering a strong sense of belonging and cultural identity among participants.

DALL·E 2024-03-11 13.31.05 - A talking circle in a multipurpose hall with 10 men of divers
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