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Empower and Protect: Deconfliction Training for Sturgeon Protectors

Image by Emir Eğricesu
Image by Salomé Guruli

About the Event

This free class is possible in part by our friends at the

Milwaukee Estuary Area of Concern Community Advisory Committee (CAC)

Visit them here to support their mission:


Empower and Protect: Deconfliction Training for Sturgeon Protectors
Date: March 29, 2024
Time: 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Strong Native Minds invites you to an essential workshop dedicated to the safety and empowerment of sturgeon protectors. Our gathering will center on deconfliction techniques, ensuring volunteers can safeguard themselves and these vital creatures in their advocacy and conservation efforts.


  • Understanding the sturgeon's ecological and cultural significance

  • Water stewardship: Our role in preserving this precious resource

  • In-depth deconfliction training session for effective and safe volunteer action

Join us to gain crucial skills that will protect both you and the sturgeon, reinforcing our commitment to peaceful and impactful environmental activism.

Food will be provided

"Empowering guardians of nature for safe and respectful advocacy."

Location: 3127 S Howell Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53207 (Lutheran Church of the Great Spirit)

Register HERE: 

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